Long House

The Moodle House Long House model, which consists of a single module, has a compact design. It contains living and sleeping areas in a single volume. This product, which appeals to both end customers and investors, can be used as a standard home or for business purposes. Moodle House Long House consists of 1 module and can be transported by a single truck.

Tilt House

The Tilt House model, which is created by the combination of two separate modules, accommodates the sleeping and living areas in two different volumes. In the principle of combining the modules, one module contains the living area and the other module sleeping areas. The modules combined in parallel on the site also create exterior spaces around the house.

Corner House

The most significant feature of the Corner House model is that two different modules are combined in place to form an L-shaped form. The resulting L-shaped form defines an interior space outside the house. It strengthens the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces in a natural way. The two modules which create the Corner House model have different functions as the Living Module and the Sleep Module. The product offers different interior alternatives with Small, Medium, Large size options and allows the use of 2-5 people.

Courtyard House

Courtyard House is designed especially for crowded families and large group of friends who like to spend time together. Thanks to its U shaped design, it forms an internal courtyard. This courtyard not only creates privacy but also provides a relationship between interior and exterior spaces.