Kairos Hotel

The project took place in the village of Çukurbağ in Kaş in 2021. The investor brought to life a lodging project consisting of 6 Homera houses, comprising 9 modules each, within 60 days. The Long House and Corner House models were chosen for the project. They continue to receive consecutive awards from Booking. The establishment includes a pool, restaurant, workshops, and various events. Additionally, it offers easy access to the sea by car. After completion of production, the modules were loaded onto trucks and, two days later, they were placed in their pre-prepared locations in Kaş with the help of cranes.

Tumba Sisli Vadi Hotel

Tumba is a unique accommodation nestled within nature. It derives its name from often being covered in mist, creating a mystical atmosphere. Located in Kartepe, it boasts an excellent position for activities like nature walks and skiing. The hotel hosts 5 private units of Homera Long House for comfortable accommodation and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Club Marco Polo

Club Marco Polo is known as an established facility serving in Kemer, Antalya for many years. A new structuring with Homera products has made the accommodation experience even more unique and secluded. The new units, integrated into the project with Homera's specially designed architecture, have increased the hotel's capacity and offer guests spacious rooms of 50 square meters.