Courtyard House Highline

Courtyard House is designed especially for crowded families and large group of friends who like to spend time together.

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Thanks to its U shaped design, it forms an internal courtyard. This courtyard not only creates privacy but also provides a relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

According to the preferred size, Corner House consists of 4-6 modules can be transported with two or three trucks, includes the kitchen and the bathroom areas as standard.

Moodle House products are designed and manufactured in accordance with industry principles, with a team that consists of different design and engineering disciplines.

Produced with durable, long-lasting building materials, taking into account the difficult conditions of nature, Moodle House’s all components are of high-quality standards.

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Highline Large

  • Gross Area 89.5 m²
  • House Type 4+1
  • Living Area 1
  • Bedroom 4
  • Bathroom 2
  • Number of Modules 4
  • Number of Trucks 2